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School term dates

Some Catholic, Church of England and Hebrew schools may differ so please contact your child’s school to check their dates.

Spring Term Ends

21st July 2015

Some schools may differ, you should contact your child's school to check 


Summer Term 2015

  • Starts: Monday 20th April
  • May Day: Monday 4th May
  • Half Term: Monday 25th to Friday 29th May
  • Ends: Tuesday 21st July 2015


Autumn Term 2015

  • Starts: Tuesday 1st September
  • Half Term: Monday 26th to Friday 30th October
  • Ends: Friday 18th December

Spring Term 2016

  • Start: Monday 4th January
  • Half term: Monday 15th to Friday 19th February
  • Good Friday: Friday 25th March
  • Easter Monday: Monday 28th March
  • Ends: Friday 1st April 2016

Summer Term 2016

  • Starts: Monday 18th April
  • May Day: Monday 2nd May
  • Half Term: Monday 30th May to Friday 3rd June
  • Ends: Thursday 21st July

The 195 days are proposed as outlined above with 5 training days for schools to allocate. It is expected that 1st September will be one of those training days.

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