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Commercial waste

What is commercial waste?

Commercial waste is waste from premises used for a trade or business, or for the purposes of sport, recreation or entertainment.

Removal of commercial waste

Businesses have a duty to organise their own commercial waste removal and recycling. The council is not responsible for the removal of commercial waste.

There are a number of licensed waste disposal companies in the area who can set up a contract to remove commercial, hazardous and special waste. 

Enterprise Liverpool will collect commercial clinical waste from businesses for a charge.

Your responsibilities

You must sign a Trade Refuse Agreement with a carrier who is legally authorised to carry waste and pay the charges.  You may take your own rubbish to a licensed disposal site but you cannot use the public civic amenity sites for free tipping.

Ensure that you complete the waste transfer note and provide a written description of the waste.  Normally, your carrier will produce this for you as part of your agreement.

Keep a copy of all documentation for two years. You can be prosecuted if you cannot produce full records for the last two years.

Illegal dumping of waste

If your waste is discovered to have been disposed of illegally, even by your carrier, your company will face legal proceedings.