Benefits: Change of address or circumstances

Moving to a new address in Liverpool?

If you are claiming either Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support and moving from one address in Liverpool to a new one please make a fresh benefit claim using the new address.

Make a fresh benefit claim using your new address

Moving out of Liverpool?

If you are claiming Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support and are moving out of Liverpool please tell us by using the button below and select ‘Start’ under the ‘Council Tax Notification’ heading.

Access My Council Tax online to change your address (temporarily unavailable)

Tell us about a change in your circumstances

If you are in the process of applying for Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support, or already receive it, we need to know if your circumstances change straight away as it could affect what you are entitled to. 

Call 0800 0283697 or 0151 233 3009 and tell us about the following:

  • A birth.
  • A death.
  • When another household member moves out of the property.
  • If you move to an address outside Liverpool.
  • If you move to another address within the city and there are no other changes to your circumstances (please note this does not apply to someone moving from one hostel to another).
  • If you are no longer entitled to claim.
  • If you no longer wish to claim.
  • If you or your partner have started to work - even if you still want to claim.

Other changes

For all other changes not listed above, please download and fill out the form below and post it to Benefits Service, PO Box No 13, Liverpool L69 2JG, or take it to any of our One Stop Shops along with the proof we need to see - your rent book or payslips, for instance.

These must be the original documents, not copies of them. Please do not send valuable documents such as bank books or passports to us by post.

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