Religious marriages

Church of England

Providing you are both British, EU or Swiss nationals and you are planning to marry in the Church of England, you should contact the vicar for advice on the legal requirements for marriage and fees. 

If either party is a national of a country outside of the EU, you will be required to give notice of marriage.

Weddings at other religious buildings

If you are planning to marry in a church or religious building (that is not the Church of England) you should:

  • Arrange to see the person in charge of marriages at the building.
  • Live in the same district as the church or religious building.
  • Give notice of marriage at your local register office.

You can only be married in a church in a different district from where you both live if:

  • One or both parties usually worship in that building.
  • There is no church of your religion in the district where you or the person you are marrying lives.