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Weddings at approved venues

Under the Marriage Act of 1994 civil marriages and civil partnerships may be solemnised in a variety of premises. These include hotels, stately homes, football grounds and historic buildings licensed by the Local Authority. These locations are known as Approved Venues.

An up-to-date list of Liverpool's approved venues is kept at the Register Office. Currently it includes:

Is there a charge for marrying at an approved venue?

In addition to the costs of giving notice of the marriage, the following fees are payable to the Superintendent Registrar for marriage ceremonies at approved venues. The fees include a copy of the Marriage Certificate and are due at least one month prior to the date of the marriage.

Prices correct up to and including 31st March 2015

Up to 5pm:

  • Monday to Thursday: £280 (£300 from 1st April 2015).
  • Friday: £310 (£330 from 1st April 2015).
  • Saturday: £350 (£370 from 1st April 2015).
  • Sundays and Bank Holidays: £430 (£450 from 1st April 2015).

After 5.15pm

  • Monday-Sunday: £430 (£450 from 1st April 2015).

These fees are separate from any other fees charged by the venue.

Registrar booking service

You can make a provisional booking online for a registrar to conduct your ceremony up to two years in advance. 

Find out more about the registrar booking service.