Approval of food premises

Under EC legislation your food business may require approval if you intend to use unprocessed products of animal origin. For example, fresh meat, raw minced meat, raw milk or eggs. This includes:

  • Minced meat and meat preparations.
  • Meat products and mechanically separated meat.
  • Live bi-valve molluscs and fishery products.
  • Raw milk (other than raw cows’ milk).
  • Dairy products.
  • Eggs (not primary production).
  • Egg products.
  • Frogs legs and snails.
  • Rendered animal fats and greaves.
  • Treated stomachs, bladders and intestines.
  • Gelatine and collagen.
  • Certain cold stores and wholesale markets.

You cannot operate your food establishment until it has been approved by this authority. The approval process requires that you put in place procedures to manage food safety based upon Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles. 

The HACCP documents will make up part of your food safety management system which should be tailored to fit your business and should be simple and appropriate to the scale and type of production you intend to carry out.


Exemptions are detailed in the Food Law Practice Guidance (England) and are based on the premises being retail or supplying other retailers on a marginal, localised and restricted basis.

How to apply for approval

Apply online for approval of food premises

Download, print off and complete paper application and return it to the address on the form.


There is no registration fee.

Tacit consent

Tacit consent does not apply. The Food Authority (Liverpool City Council) is required to give the food business operator an approval code and to notify the Food Standards Agency of the approval code and details of the establishment to be approved.


Any food business operator aggrieved by a decision of the Food Authority (Liverpool City Council) in relation to a granting of approval may appeal to a Magistrates Court within 28 days of a decision being made. If a food business operator is still aggrieved by a decision of the Magistrates Court or Food Authority (Liverpool City Council) there is further address by appeal to Crown Court. In certain circumstance a Food Business Operator has a right to seek a judicial review.

Processing timescales

Public Protection will seek to determine applications for approvals as quickly as possible. However, approval can only be granted following the correct submission of an application form together with other relevant documents, e.g. HACCP plan. It is necessary for an officer to carry out a detailed inspection of the premises before approval is granted. It may be necessary for an officer to request further information before approval is granted.

Please contact us if you have not been contacted within 28 days of submitting an application

Changes to approval

Once you have been approved, you will need to notify us if there is a change of food business operator or a change in the nature of the business.

If you want to carry out any additional activities or wish to change the processes that are carried out in the establishment, you should contact Public Protection for advice as you may require further approval

Supporting documents

The following documents must be uploaded/submitted with your application:

  • A detailed scale plan of the (proposed) establishment showing the location of rooms and other areas to be used for the storage and processing of raw materials, product and waste, and the layout of facilities and equipment.
  • A description of the (proposed) food safety management system based on HACCP principles.
  • A description of the (proposed) establishment and equipment maintenance arrangements.
  • A description of the (proposed) establishment, equipment and transport cleaning arrangements.
  • A description of the (proposed) waste collection and disposal arrangements.
  • A description of the (proposed) water supply.
  • A description of the (proposed) water supply quality testing arrangements.
  • A description of the (proposed) arrangements for product testing.
  • A description of the (proposed) pest control arrangements.
  • A description of the (proposed) monitoring arrangements for staff health.
  • A description of the (proposed) staff hygiene training arrangements.
  • A description of the (proposed) arrangements for record keeping.
  • A description of the (proposed) arrangements for applying the identification mark to product packaging or wrapping.