Local authority searches

Land charges search

When buying a property or piece of land, your solicitor will submit a local land charges search which will show whether there are any legal restrictions affecting the land or property.

The council will investigate any restrictions and bring all the information together in the form of a local authority search.  The information is collected from different council departments including planning and building control, environmental health and transportation.

Types of searches

There are three types of searches:

Form LLC1

This consists of a search of the Land Charges Register. It reveals if there are any outstanding charges such as financial ones where money is owed to the council when work has been carried out on the property or land.

Other charges include tree preservation orders, renovation grants, conservation and listed buildings, road agreements, conditional planning applications and enforcement notices.

Form Con29

This is a questionnaire and the information comes from various council departments.  It contains Part 1 standard questions revealing any road proposals or schemes, compulsory purchase orders, enforcement actions, building regulations or planning applications and formal/informal notices.

It also contains Part 2 optional enquiries such public paths, noise abatement orders and pollution notices.

Most searches consist of both LLC1 and Con29 forms.

Personal search

Anyone can make a personal search.  However, it is only a search of the local land charges register and does not include the majority of information outlined in LLC1 and Con29.  You must make an appointment to carry out a personal search.  Please contact 0151 233 3021.

How to submit a local authority search

Online via the National Land Information Service (NLIS)

This service aims to speed up the conveyancing process by the use of electronic online transactions.  It connects law firms, conveyancers and data providers such as HM Land Registry and local authority local land charges registries.

Submit enquiries to Liverpool City Council via the NLIS hub

By post

You can send your request to Liverpool City Council, Local Searches, Municipal Buildings, Dale Street, L2 2DH, enclosing the following documents:

  • Two copies of the plan. Please mark clearly the outline of the area to be searched in red. It is crucial that the plan also shows the surrounding roads and properties.
  • Form LCC1 in duplicate.
  • Form CON29 in duplicate.
  • The correct fee (see below). Please note that search requests will be returned if the fee submitted is incorrect.

Note: You can access CON29 data via a computer terminal in the City Centre One Stop Shop, Municipal Building, Dale Street, L2 2DH. This service is by appointment only so please telephone 0151 233 3021 to book an appointment. It is a self serve system and available data includes:

  • Planning and building control.
  • Transportation.
  • Land charges register.

For environmental health information, you should contact 0151 233 3055. They should allow access to data within five working days of receiving the property details.

If you have any queries you can email landcharges@liverpool.gov.uk or call 0151 233 0301. Please note that there may be a cost to providing any information but we will advise you of this at the time of your enquiry.


Cheques should be made payable to Liverpool City Council.

  • Full local search - £87 (£75 + £12 VAT) LLC1 and CON29
  • LLC1 only - £15 no VAT payable
  • CON 29 only - £72 (£60 + £12 VAT)
  • Common land search  (Question 22) - £6 (£5 + £1 VAT)
  • Part 2 enquiries (additional questions/options enquiries Question 4 to Question 22 - £6 per enquiry (£5 + £1 VAT)
  • Personal search - No charge
  • Full list of fee information including drainage searches.