Child employment permit

If you wish to employ a child, then you must apply for a child employment permit.


The area of Child employment also falls within many other Acts and Regulations - Health and Safety, Factories Act 1961 and so forth.

Liverpool City Council is responsible for issuing Employment Permits.  It is dependent upon where the employment takes place and not where the employer's head office is or where the child lives.

If a child is working in another area, for instance, Sefton, Wirral, Knowsley etc., the employer needs to apply to the Local Authority for an employment permit.

Definition of employment

A child is employed if she / he assists in a trade or occupation which is carried on for profit - whether or not the child receives pay or reward for that employment.

Employment Permits are specific to:

  • the child
  • their employer
  • their place of work and the type and hours of work  
  • If a child has more than one employer or has more than one job, they will need a Permit for each.

Remember - unless a child is registered they may not be covered by the employer's liability insurance.

NOTE:  There are also specific regulations with regard to Children in performances (theatres, TV, films and so forth).

Key facts and guidance

  • Children are NOT allowed to work if they are 12 years or under
  • There are nine permitted types of employment for 13-year-olds
  • There are certain jobs which children can and cannot do
  • There are different working hours allowed for 13/14-year-olds and 15/16-year-olds.
  • There are set one-hour 'rest periods'
  • There is only ONE school leaving date (last Friday in June each year).  This is referred to as the Compulsory School Leaving Age (CSLA) in the UK (Year 11).
  • All children from the age of 13 and CSLA can only be employed if they hold an Employment Permit issued by the Safeguarding / Child Licensing Unit    
  • An Employment Permit can be refused or revoked if the employment is likely to be harmful to the child's education, safety, health or development.

Within one week of employment employers must send the City Council written notification by way of an Employment Application Form and Health and Safety Risk Assessment

In some circumstances, the City Council may require the child to have a medical.

Apply for an employment permit

You must complete two forms:

  1. Employment application form
  2. Risk assessment form

When both forms have been fully completed they should be returned to:

Safeguarding/Child Licensing Team
Children's Services
Municipal Buildings
Dale Street
L2 2DH

Tel: 0151 233 0855
Fax: 0151 233 0852

What happens next?

Once processed we will send two permits - one for the child (which they need to keep as their confirmation) and one for the employer (for inspection by a Liverpool City Council Officer on request).

The child will also receive the 'child employment guidance leaflet'.