Apply for a licence

Before you start

Check if you need a licence.

  • A child acting as an understudy must be licensed in the same way as other children in the performance.
  • A licence will not be issued unless Liverpool City Council is satisfied that the child is fit to take part in a performance, that his/her education will not suffer and that proper supervisory arrangements have been made to secure the child's health and wellbeing.

Who can apply?

The person responsible for the production of the performance in which the child taking part is the person who should make the application for the licence.  This is usually the producer and not the dance coach or parent.

The person who signs the application form is deemed to be the licence holder.

Note: Parents or guardians should send all completed forms to the agent/producer. Parents should not send forms directly to us.

Licence holder responsibilities

The licence holder is responsible for observing the conditions of the licence. In certain circumstances, the licence holder is responsible for ensuring adequate provision of education.

Wherever children are involved in a public performance (for which a licence has been issued), the law requires that they are cared for at all times by a registered Matron/Chaperone.

It is the responsibility of the licence holder to ensure that there are the appropriate number of required Matrons/Chaperones, (1:12 for children over 10 years of age and 1:8 for children 10 years of age and under) on duty at each performance. They must provide the supervision required by law.

The licence holder is expected to empower the appointment Matron to adequately fulfil their role in safeguarding the wellbeing of child(ren) in their care

The licence holder is required to keep records, which must be retained for at least six months, following the last performance to which the licence relates.

The licence holder has a duty to report any concerns they have about a child's welfare to Liverpool Children, Families and Adults Services, Careline or Merseyside Police - 999 or 0151-709 6010.

How to apply

The applicant completes Part 1. The parent/guardian of the child named on the application form completes Part 2.

What documents must I include?

The completed application forms must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • A copy of the full Birth Certificate (long version) of the child.
  • Two identical (unmounted) prints of a photograph of the child taken during the sixth months preceding the date of the application.
  • A copy of the contract or other documents containing particulars of the agreement regulations the child's appearance In the performance (i.e. filming schedule) or regulating the activity for which the licence is requested.
  • Details of a child's performance within the last six months (if applicable).
    If the child is under 14 years of age - a declaration under Section 38(i)(a) or (b) of the Children and Young Person's Act 1963 is required.
  • Medical Certificate (if required - view medical guidance).
  • Head Teacher letter of authorisation (parent/guardian should obtain from school).

Modelling assignments

If you represent a child registered with a modelling agency, please submit Part 2 of the application form to us with the required documents. When a child needs a licence for a modelling assignment you must then submit Party 1 of the form no less than 48 hours prior to the job, giving details of the assignment date, time and venue.

Application forms

Send applications to:

Completed application forms and supporting documents should be returned by the agent/producer to:

Safeguarding/Children Licensing Unit
Liverpool Children, Families and Adults Services
Municipal Buildings
Dale Street
L2 2DH
Tel: 0151-225 8104
Fax: 0151-225 8115

Any queries or complaints should also be addressed to the above.

What happens next?

Copies of licenses will be sent to producers/agents and parents. Parents will also receive a guidance leaflet called 'Children Taking Part in Entertainment or Modelling'.

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