Apply for an exemption

When do I need an exemption?

You need an exemption (not a licence) for:

  • Academic performances - if a child takes part in three or less performances in any six-month period (provided there is no absence from school).
  • Any activity which Liverpool City Council does not consider to be a performance e.g. children interviewed or filmed while taking part in a normal activity such as doing ordinary school lessons, playing in the park or at a youth club. 
  • Performances put on by a body of persons approved by Secretary of State (Home Office) or Liverpool City Council for which no payment is made to the child or any other person. This could include amateur productions, drama societies, churches, scouts and other youth organisations.


Wherever children are involved in a public performance a Matron/Chaperone is required.

Apply for an exemption

  • Exemption for groups application form. This form should be completed by the agent or producer. 

  • Exemption for individuals application form. This form should be completed by the parent or guardian and agent or producer.

  • Body of persons application form. This form must be completed by the agent or producer. It must list all children under 16 involved in the performance including their full names, dates of birth and local authority where they live. Please attach a copy of your organisation's Child Protection Policy, and a copy of any risk assessments, when you return this form.  
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