Premises licence: New applications

We can grant a premises licence for a business supplying alcohol or entertainment or late night refreshment, on or off the premises.

Note: Some areas may be subject to a Special Cumulative Impact Policy so please check before making your application.

How to apply

Please read the guidance notes before you apply. The notes explain policy issues, fees, how to complete the application and the required notification of the application.  We advise you to speak to the Licensing Unit before making your application.


Before completing the online form please complete the designated premises supervisor consent application form as you will need to attach it to your online application. You will be prompted during the online application process.

Apply online for a premises licence

By post

Will tacit consent apply?

Yes. After the 28 day consultation period has expired, if no representations have been received from Responsible Authorities or interested parties, then the licence is granted as applied for. We will issue the licence shortly after.

If there is a representation from a responsible authority or interested party then this will cause the application to be considered by the Licensing Sub Committee. A hearing will be arranged within 56 days from the date the application is made.