CLASS accreditation scheme for landlords

CLASS is a landlord accreditation scheme which gives public recognition for being a good landlord and a range of benefits otherwise not available.

It is voluntary and landlords are under no legal obligation to apply for accreditation. It is free to join.

How the scheme benefits landlords

Benefits of the scheme include:

  • Being publicly recognised as a good landlord.
  • Properties owned by you will be given priority when the council offers contracts for housing provision.
  • Improved access to council services via a landlord accreditation officer.
  • A discount on the HMO licence fee.
  • As a CLASS registered landlord you can advertise vacant private rental property in Merseyside and Halton via Property Pool Plus. If you'd like to use Property Pool Plus to advertise your properties please sign up online here.
  • Landlords who applied for and gained CLASS membership before 10th May 2016 will qualify for a reduced Landlord Licence fee.
Please note: If you applied for CLASS membership after 10th May 2016 you will not qualify for discount on the Landlord Licence fee as this offer was for a limited period only. All landlords who gained membership before that date will qualify for the reduced fee.  

How to apply

Before you apply please read these documents:

Then apply online using the link below or download, complete and return the paper forms. The relevant safety certificates can be uploaded with the online form or posted to the Public Protection Service if you use the paper forms (address is on paper application form).

Apply and self certify online for CLASS

Further information

For more information read out CLASS FAQs or contact the CLASS Accreditation Team.