Liverpool's Landlord Licensing Scheme Part one - apply for a fit and proper person check

First, you need to apply for a fit and proper person check using the button below – this will cost you £50 which must be paid upfront and is non-returnable.  

Please enter the details required of the proposed licence holder (PLH) for the properties that you have already started the application process for. If PLH is a company, partnership, trust or charity please use Other below.
Managing Agent
Liverpool City Council must consider evidence whether the Proposed Licence Holder (PLH) is a 'fit and proper' person.

Has the PLH involved in the management of the house ever been convicted of an offence involving any of the following? Please note the convictions which are spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 do not need to be declared.

Yes No

If you have ticked any of the above please provide details below.

Has the PLH involved in the management of the house ever been subject to unlawful discrimination proceedings relating to their business, involving the following?

Yes No

If you have ticked any of the above please provide details below.

Has the PLH involved in the management of the house, ever owned, managed or had involvement with a property which has been subject of any of the following?

Yes No

If you have ticked any of the above please provide details below

Has the PLH involved in the management of the house, ever been refused a licence made under the Housing Act 2004, or had any such licence revoked for a breach of condition?

Yes No

Declaration of the Applicant and/or Proposed Licence holder

We may approach other services within Liverpool City Council or other Local Authorities as may be necessary, and/or the police and fire service, for information to help us make a full assessment of whether the proposed licence holder is fit and proper to hold a licence.

Please tick below to indicate your consent to our contacting third parties as outlined above. You do not have to provide your consent, but if you do not, it may affect our ability to determine/approve that you are a fit and proper person and could therefore affect your individual licence application.

If you do not provide your consent at this stage and we cannot process your application without futher information from third parties, we will write to you explaining this and give you a final opportunity to provide your consent. We ask for consent at this stage in order to utilise our resources in administering the scheme as efficiently and cost- effectively as possible, and avoid delay in processing applications. Licence fees set by Liverpool City Council may be subject to increase if additional resources become needed to obtain consents from applicants.

Tick to agree to the above

By submitting this form I/we agree to be contacted electronically at the email address stated in section 1. This includes the service of legal documents/notices. I/WE understand that this consent can be withdrawn/modified at any time by giving the Landlord Licensing team notice.

Please note that it is a criminal offence to knowingly give information for the purposes of obtaining a selective licence that is false or misleading.

Evidence of any statements made in this application may be required at a later date. If we later discover something that is relevant and which you should have disclosed, or which has been incorrectly stated or described, your licence may be cancelled and/or other action taken.

Operating a property that should be licensed without a licence is a criminal offence liable upon summary conviction to an unlimited fine. Likewise, on summary conviction an offence of failing to comply with the conditions of a license could result in the court imposing unlimited fines. In addition, the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) may impose a rent repayment order, requiring you to repay rent received for the period the property was unlicensed, up to a maximum of 12 months.

Please note that Liverpool City Council may contact you for further information regarding your application for a landlord licence.

I/we declare that the information contained in this application is correct to the best of my/our knowledge. I/we understand that I/we commit an offence if I/we supply any information to a local housing authority in connection with any of their functions under Parts 1 to 4 of the Housing Act 2004 that is false or misleading and which I/we know is false or misleading or I am/we are reckless as to whether it is false or misleading.

I consent to being named as the proposed licence holder for properties that are to be licensed as submitted in Part 2: Owner and Property Information.

Tick to agree to consent