Brownfield Land Register

Update - May 2017

Liverpool participated in a government-led pilot project, which resulted in the publication of the Liverpool Pilot Brownfield Land Register in July 2016.

The Register contained a limited range of site specific information as at April 2016 for sites with residential Planning Permission, a capacity of five plus dwellings, within Primarily Residential Areas designated in the Unitary Development Plan.

Government has recently issued regulations (March 2017) requiring local authorities to identify land to be included within Brownfield Land Registers. Find out more about these regulations.

Although the intention was to update the Pilot Brownfield Land Register in the Summer 2017, in light of the new regulations, the Brownfield Land Register will require extensive revision. Consequently, the Pilot Brownfield Land Register has been withdrawn from this webpage.

It is anticipated that the government will publish formal guidance in due course, via Planning Practice Guidance.

It is expected that the information regarding individual sites will relate to general availability and suitability of the site for housing development, however, it will not provide precise details of ownership, the intention of the owners, land / building sale price or valuation, nor should it be viewed by developers / investors as a comprehensive, one-stop source of housing development sites.