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Liverpool's social care contact service

Careline is a 24-7 contact centre for social care enquiries and referrals for children, adults and homeless families.

Please note: Liverpool Families Programme may collect some data to help identify and support complex families. We share this data with the Department for Community and Local Government as part of the National Impact Study. Find out more.

Careline adult services

We work with older people, disabled people with a physical and/or sensory impairment, people with learning disabilities, people with mental health needs and their carers.

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Contact Careline adult services if you or someone you know needs help or advice with any of the following:

  • Adult protection issues.
  • Drugs and alcohol.
  • Help for carers.
  • Help with care and independence.

Careline children's service

We can help with all issues relating to children and families. We respond to enquiries and referrals from the public and professionals and we can offer advice about all aspects of child welfare.

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Contact Careline children's service if you feel that:

  • A child needs protection. If you feel that a child is suffering harm, neglect or abuse, we can investigate and act to protect the child.
  • A family is under stress. We can offer support and advice and help families access support from other services.
  • A child is seriously ill or disabled. We can arrange an assessment of the child's and families needs and provide support.
  • You want to find out more about fostering and adoption. We can provide information directly, or put you in touch with experienced fostering and adoption social workers who can offer you advice


Housing Options Service

We can help with any housing and homeless issue, from advice for tenants, landlords and owner occupiers about rent arrears, possession orders and eviction issues, to benefits advice.

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If you are having housing problems or think you could become homeless, you can:

Find out more about homelessness issues or if you are at risk of becoming homeless.