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Accessible homes

What is it?

ACCESS Liverpool, a partnership between the council and registered social landlords in Liverpool, provide properties that have been specifically designed or built for disabled people.

Properties may have been adapted around the needs of a previous tenant who was disabled and may be a flat, house, or in a small number of cases, a bungalow.  All properties have special features such as a level access shower, low level kitchen units or wide doorways for wheelchair users, or a house with a stair lift.

How to apply

If you are disabled and your home is unsuitable due to mobility problems, and you would benefit from living in an accessible or adapted home, you can register your details on the accessible homes waiting list by completing the form below.

How many properties are referred to ACCESS Liverpool?

We publish a quarterly list of properties referred to us by registered social landlords.  These properties have already been allocated to people on the waiting list, but it helps you to see what type of properties have been referred and in what location.

We do not know how many properties will be referred in the future, but the list shows that some areas have few adapted or accessible properties.