Parks and greenspaces

Walton Hall Park

This 130 acre park is popular with local residents in the Walton area of Liverpool.

Opening hours

Open all year round.

Access to the park is via Walton Hall Avenue.


  • Lake

    Ideal for anglers, the lake is inhabited by Carps, Bream, Tench, Roaches and Perches. An angling permit is required if fishing in park lakes. A small pond can also be used for model boats.

  • Fitness Trail

    Complete the 3.25km fitness trail with a range of keep fit stations and suggested exercises along the route.

  • Playground

    Swings, multi-plays, roundabout, see-saw, rocking unit, games area. Football pitches.

  • Friends Group

    Parks Friends Groups actively contribute to the upkeep of parks and activities. Follow us on Twitter.

Park events

Find out about all park events from the main Google calendar

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