Education Commission

Chaired by former Secretary of State Baroness Estelle Morris, it sets out ambitious targets for education in the city following a 12 month commission that has involved widespread consultation with partners and stakeholders.

The report sets out a vision in which the city builds on recent improvements, further raising standards and narrowing the attainment gap between different groups of children. It makes 16 recommendations, including developing a 'Pupil Promise', and plans for Liverpool to become the foremost reading city in the country.

Other proposals include:

  • Setting up an accredited Liverpool Teacher Charter Mark and development a high quality programme of professional development.
  • The Liverpool City Mayor to take the lead in developing stronger links between businesses and schools.
  • Establishing a system of recognition for local education volunteers who help out in schools and work on governing bodies.
  • Reviewing teacher training and suggesting actions to increase diversity among the teacher workforce.
  • Commissioning a review of school places and using it to influence future capital investments.

Download the Mayor of Liverpool's Education Commission Report July 2013.

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