My priorities

Make Liverpool the best place in the UK to run a business

Liverpool’s dynamism comes from the people who are here who want to create, build, and grow successful businesses. We want to support them in any way we can by investing in the city in a way which gives entrepreneurs the best possible advantages.

We will:

  • Continue to support those who work with start-ups, especially on schemes which increase access to people who would not otherwise consider running their own business.
  • Complete the transformation and modernisation of our markets ensuring a city wide provision of vibrant markets that give new opportunities to those setting up in business.

International Festival for Business

IFB 2014 was a huge success, creating over £250m worth of investment, half of which benefited businesses in our region. Liverpool’s ambition to host this festival on behalf of the UK, was as a direct result of the Mayor’s work with Michael Heseltine.

As a result, IFB 2014 was six weeks of dynamic business conferences with delegates from around the world. This year’s IFB is set to be another huge success with other 50 delegations from around the world already committed to coming together in Liverpool and doing business.

We will:

  • Ensure local participation with 6,000 appointments for registered businesses with buyers attending IFB.
  • Develop and grow IFB through future Festivals in 2018 and 2020.



The ability to move around and ship goods to other parts of the country or the world is a key part in all business success. That’s why Liverpool has been supportive of HS2. However, although journey times to London are important, even more so is the ability to move freight from the Port of Liverpool’s new £300m facilities.

In terms of business connectivity, Manchester and Liverpool need to be able to work more closely together, alongside Leeds, Sheffield, Newcastle and Hull.

Our international reputation, growing daily with the success of the IFB, also means we need to be sure we are connected to the wider world. The city’s investment in our airport and cruise liner facilities are part of a strategy of making sure we have the best possible transport links for visitors - both business and leisure.

We will:

  • Continue to lobby government for an early commitment to Liverpool’s place on the high-speed network and associated freight capacity for the Port of Liverpool.
  • Work with Government on plans for a new station in Liverpool City Centre, maximising the economic development potential of construction of any new facility.
  • Continue our investment in Liverpool Airport as a key asset for the city and the city-region.
  • Double the number of cruise liner visits to the city by working with operators to increase the city’s attractiveness as a location.
  • Develop plans for a new cruise liner terminal in Liverpool which will allow the city to accommodate more cruise ships with improved passenger-handling facilities.