Stability and growth for Liverpool in the face of continued financial challenges

I will continue to ensure stability and growth for Liverpool in the face of continued financial challenges.

Liverpool has faced the most significant spending cuts by National Government in our history. However, we continue to grow and inspire.

I will want to build on that success and:

  • Continue to focus on council performance, so that we provide the best services we can to those who need it most.
  • Continue to set multi-year budgets which give everyone in the city a chance to see in advance the changes in our spending, and allow them contribute to the decisions we must make and the solutions we must find.
  • Continue to focus on those priorities which are helping those most in need in our city. With further cuts planned by Government we will have less money, but we will continue to prioritise the needy and the vulnerable.
  • Our next priority will be the actions which will help the city’s economy to grow and improve our ability to raise more money for ourselves, such as business rates and Council Tax.
  • Continue the extremely successful Invest to Earn strategy which has raised millions of additional revenue for the council and supported growth in the economy.