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My Neighbourhood Property Search

Property Search

"My Neighbourhood" gives you access to information about your property and immediate neighbourhood.

You can search by entering either a partial or full street name or a postcode.

Street search

  • Please enter a full or partial street name.
  • Press Go.
  • Please do not enter abbreviations such as 'ST' for street or 'RD' for road.

Postcode search

  • Please enter a postcode prefix (e.g. L2).
  • You may also enter a postcode suffix (e.g. 3AA).
  • Press Go.

Available Information

You will be provided with a wide variety of information including:

  • Electoral - Ward, Councillors, MP etc
  • Environmental - Are you: Stamp Duty Exempt? in a Conservation Area? etc
  • Find My Nearest - Library, Green Space, Recycling Bring Bank etc
  • General - Council Tax Band, Annual Charge etc