Other maintenance work

Every year the council receives £3.5m from the Department of Transport to maintain the city's smaller unclassified, B and C roads. Under the Better Roads initiative, we have secured a further £80m to spend on improving main roads and strategic routes into the city. This work will be carried out in addition to the major Better Roads schemes outlined on this site.

You can keep up to date with the progress of this work via the Better Roads Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Maintenance work August 2016 - December 2017 
Location Start date  What's being done
East Lancs Road (Phase One) August 2016 Road resurfacing/lighting and traffic light upgrades
Islington/St Anne Street Junction L3 October 2016 Road resurfacing/lighting and traffic light upgrades
Redvers Drive L9 3rd October 2016 Road resurfacing
Little Heath Road L24 12th October 2016 Road resurfacing
Tewit Hall Road L24 24th October 2016 Road resurfacing
Lynwood Road L9 24th October 2016 Road resurfacing
Limedale Road L18 31st October 2016 Road and footway resurfacing
Cherry Vale L25 November 2016 Road resurfacing
Kenyon Road L15 7th November 2016 Road resurfacing
Cronton Road L15 7th November 2016 Road resurfacing
Westgate Road L15 7th November 2016 Road resurfacing
Cranleigh Road L25 23rd November 2016 Road resurfacing
Long Lane L15 28th November 2016 Road resurfacing
Salisbury Terrace L15 December 2016 Road resurfacing

What's happening next?

Over the coming years we'll be moving on to start road resurfacing, street and traffic light upgrades in the following areas: 

  • Upper Parliament Street - road resurfacing, street lighting and traffic light upgrades.
  • Prescot Road/Kensington
  • Walton Hall Avenue/Walton Lane
  • Princes Avenue
  • Childwall Valley Road
  • East Lancs (Phase Two).
  • Edge Lane (Phase Two).
  • Speke Hall Ave/Rd/Hillfoot Ave/Woolton High St.
  • County Rd/Walton Rd.
  • West Derby Rd/Muirhead Rd/Mill Bank Rd.
  • St James Street/St James Place/Park Place.
  • Horrocks Ave.
  • Longmoor Lane
  • London Road.
  • Aigburth Road/Jericho Lane Junction and approaches.
  • City centre junctions/short sections of failed carriageway.