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Roadworks - updated 1st July 2016

Churchill Way Flyover, L2

We Make Places community event will result in a road closure on 3rd July 2016.

Cook Street, L2

BT Openreach cabling works between Castle Street and North John Street will result in a road closure on 4th July 2016.

Derby Road, L5

Pochin highway improvement works have resulted in off-peak lane restrictions until 3rd July 2016.

East Lancashire Road, L11

Dowhigh junction improvement works from Stonebridge Lane to Back Gilmoss Road have resulted in lane restrictions until 1st September 2016.

Goree, L2

King Construction public realm works have resulted in off-peak lane restrictions until 8th July 2016.

Hornby Road, L9

Scottish Power trial hole works at various locations have resulted in lane restrictions until 1st July 2016.

Lime Street, L1

Scottish Power disconnection works from Skelhorne Street to Copperas Hill have resulted in off-peak lane restrictions until 2nd July 2016.

Mount Pleasant, L3

BT Openreach cabling works at Clarence Street will mean 4-way temporary signals on 3rd July 2016.

Prescot Road/Kensington, L7

Amey LG upgrade of pedestrian crossings at various locations has resulted in off-peak lane restrictions until 5th August 2016.

Scotland Road/Stanley Road/Great Homer Street, L5

Highway improvement works for Project Jennifer have resulted in lane restrictions/temporary signals and night-time road closures (8pm to 6am). The first phase at Scotland Road/Stanley Road will be completed by the end of June 2016, with the second phase at Great Homer Street / Kirkdale Road being completed by the end of September 2016.

Shaw Street, L6

Grosvenor building refurbishment works near to College Street North will mean stop and go control on 3rd July 2016.

Smithdown Road, L15

Dowhigh resurfacing and highway improvement works has resulted in the following:

  • Grant Avenue to Penny Lane: Lane restrictions until 30th July 2016.
  • Weardale Road to Earlsfield Road: Night-time road closures (8pm-6am) until 8th July 2016.
  • Penny Lane: Road closed at Elm Hall Drive until 30th August 3016.

Victoria Street, L2

Signature Living crane works between Crosshall Street and Old Haymarket will mean night-time lane restrictions (7pm-11pm) on 4th and 5th July 2016.

West Derby Street, L7

The redevelopment of the Royal Liverpool University Hospital by Carillion Construction Services has resulted in lane restrictions and a temporary one-way system (Crown Street to Low Hill) until 31st March 2017. Until 30th October 2016, the left-turn from West Derby Street into Low Hill will be closed.


2nd July 2016 – Cunard Ships 100 Birthday Celebrations: Canada Boulevard.

3rd July 2016 – Liverpool/Chester Bike Ride: Old Haymarket, Birkenhead Tunnel.


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