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Latest travel news, roadworks and disruptions

The BBC Travel News Liverpool website has the latest roadworks, disruptions and traffic jam updates in Liverpool and neighbouring areas.

The site allows you view by last updated or by severity.

Roads affected by works/events - updated 19th September 2014

Lister Drive 132KV Electricity Cable Works

Iberdrola 132KV electricity cabling works have resulted in the following:-

  • Thomas Drive, L12: lane restrictions until 3rd October 2014.
  • Broad Green Road: 2-way temporary signals from Prescot Road to Edge Lane in short sections until 2nd November 2014.
  • Childwall Valley Road: 22nd September to 18th October 2014 (Provisional).
  • At Garden Lodge Grove: 2-way temporary signals, closure of Garden Lodge Grove. 
  • Midway between Sarum Road to Shrewton Road: 2-way temporary signs then contraflow.

Acrefield Road / Woolton Street, L25

Amey LG highway maintenance works will mean 2/3-way temporary signals until 16th November 2014.

Alder Road, L12

Amey LG emergency carriageway repairs between Queens Drive and Chatterton Road have resulted in a road closure until 5th October 2014.

Berry Street, L1

National Grid Gas trial hole works at Knight Street will mean lane restrictions from 20th to 21st September 2014.

Brownlow Hill, L3 / Paddington, L7

C&R Civil Engineering Ltd public realm works between Grove Street and Peach Street will mean a lane restriction until 7th November 2014.

Canning Street / Catherine Street, L8

BT Openreach cable repairs will mean 4-way temporary signals on 21st September 2014.

Castle Street, L2

Amey LG replacement of street furniture between James Street to Dale Street will mean a road closure from 23rd September to 12th October 2014 between the hours of midnight and 6am.

Edge Lane, L7

BT Openreach cable repairs at Botanic Road will mean lane restrictions on 21st September 2014.

Leeds Street / Vauxhall Road, L3

Amey LG junction improvement works will mean 4-way temporary signals until 19th October 2014.

Lord Nelson Street, L1

Bardsley Construction new student accommodation works between Seymour Street and St Vincent Street will result in a temporary one-way system (westbound from Seymour Street to St Vincent Street) until 28th August 2015.

Myrtle Street, L7

Amey LG carriageway resurfacing works between Catherine Street and Grove Street will mean a road closure until 27th September 2014.

Oak Lane / Dwerryhouse Lane / Muirhead Avenue East, L11

National Grid Gas emergency works will mean 4-way temporary signals until 26th September 2014.

Renshaw Street, L5

Scottish Power electricity cable works at Newington will mean an inbound lane restriction until 24th September 2014

Scotland Road, L5

Utility diversion works for Project Jennifer will result in a southbound lane restriction from Great Homer Street to Penrhyn Street until 3rd November 2014.

Smithdown Road, L15

Scottish Power emergency works between Gainsborough Road and Claremont Road have resulted in an outbound lane restriction until 21st September 2014.

Scottish Power new service connection at Tunstall Street will mean an inbound lane restriction on 22nd September 2014.

Speke Boulevard, L24

Enterprise Liverpool ground maintenance works between Speke Hall Avenue and City boundary utilising an impact protection vehicle on 20th September 2014.

Speke Hall Avenue, L24

Westshield junction upgrade works at Sterling Road will mean lane restrictions until 15th December 2014.

St Anne Street, L3

Commhoist mobile crane lift works at Queen Anne Street will mean lane restrictions on 21st September 2014.

West Derby Street, L7

The redevelopment of the Royal Liverpool University Hospital by Carillion Construction Services has resulted in lane restrictions and a temporary one-way (Crown Street to Low Hill) until 31st March 2017.

West Derby Road / Green Lane / Muirhead Avenue / Mill Bank, L13

Amey LG junction upgrade works and BBUSL gas main diversion works will be carried out under lane restrictions / 3-way temporary traffic signals until 19th October 2014.


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