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Dog issues

Report dog issues

You can report the following dog related issues to the council:

  • Stray dogs.
  • Dog fouling.
  • Removal of dead dogs.

How to report an issue

If you wish to complain about nuisance barking please see our Noise complaints page.

Report a dog issue online

Dangerous dogs

Please note that the council does not deal with reports of dangerous dogs. 

Dangerous dogs or information about dog fighting must be reported to Merseyside Police on 709 6010.

Microchipping your dog

Microchipping is an effective way of ensuring your dog can be easily identified. Find out more on the Chipmydog website.

Looking for a stray dog?

If you are trying to locate a lost dog please contact Animal Wardens Ltd on 0151 374 2174 between 8.30am and midnight.

Arrangements will be made to deliver the dog back to the owner's address on payment of the appropriate fee (available on request). The option of free micro-chipping will be offered to dog owners when the dog is returned.

Strays are no longer kennelled at the Halewood Animal Centre (RSPCA) so the dogs will be transferred to licensed private boarding kennels outside the city.


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