Activity timetable for Tuebrook and West Derby

Book our sensory room

Tuebrook CC and West Derby CC have a sensory room which parents can book. The cost is £1.50 per hour. Contact Tuebrook on 233 3830 or West Derby on 233 6202.


11th September to 15th December 2017
Day Time Activity Location Details Book or Drop in
Monday 10-11.30am Toddler Time 0-2s Tuebrook CC An opportunity for younger children and babies to explore a stimulating environment. For under 2s. Drop in
Monday 10-11am Little Cook Big Cook West Derby CC A fun way to introduce children to healthy food choices. Book
Monday 12.45-2.45pm Think Positive Tuebrook CC Build your confidence and self-esteem. Reflect on where you are now and where you want to be. Creche available. Starts 18th September 2017. Book
Monday 12.45-2.45pm Onwards and upwards Tuebrook CC Following on from the 'Think Positive' course, these sessions will help you become more assertive and reach the goals you identified in it. Course dates: 9th October and 20th November 2017. Book
Monday 1.30pm-3pm BAMBI's Breastfeeding Support group West Derby CC Support and advice available from other mums and breastfeeding champions. Drop in
Tuesday  9.15-10am Mini Melodies Tuebrook CC For babies and up to four years old.  A 45-minute session where children can sing, dance and interact to music. Book
Tuesday  9.30-11am Grandparents Group West Derby CC A fun-filled session run by grandparent for grandparents and children. Drop in
Tuesday  10-30-11.30am Baby Massage Tuebrook CC A 4-week course starts 19th September 2017 and 7th November 2017. Book
Tuesday  12.45-2.45pm Harmony Tuebrook CC A six-week course designed to empower victims of DV. Course dates: 31st October 2017 to 5th November 2017. Book
Tuesday  1.30-2.30pm Sing and Sign Babies West Derby CC Capture your baby's attention with music, puppets and props. Lots of fun to be had while your baby learns to sign. A 10-week course starting on 19th September 2017. Book
Wednesday  9.30-11.30am ESOL Tuebrook CC Course for speakers of other languages. Term time only. Book
Wednesday 10-11am Aqua Tots Swim and Sing Peter Lloyd Lifestyles Centre £2 per family. Drop in
Wednesday  10-11am Story Explorers West Derby CC Arts, crafts and activities used to being a story to life.  Drop in
Wednesday  12.45-2.45pm Nurturing Programme Tuebrook CC A 12-week course promoting positive and nurturing family relationships. Starts 20th September 2017 and 13th December 2017.  Book
Wednesday 1.30pm-3pm Health Visitor Drop In West Derby CC Baby weigh-in and advice clinic. Stepping Stones - support & advice on Weaning, safety, play, learning and communication. Drop in
Wednesday 4.30-6pm Bumps, Birth and Beyond Tuebrook CC Sessions: 25th October or 6th December 2017. Book
Wednesday 4.30-6pm Antenatal Infant Feeding Session Tuebrook CC Course runs from 25th October until 6th December 2017. Book
Thursday 9.30-10.30am Twirly Tots Buckingham Road Community Centre Shake, dance and prance to music. Drop in
Thursday 9.30-10.15am Chatterbox Tuebrook CC Language enrichment session for children aged 2-3 years old. On 23rd November 2017. Invite only
Thursday 9.30-11.30am Baby Connect West Derby CC 10-week course. Learn about your baby's development and their approaching milestones. From 21st September to 30th November 2017. Creche available. Book
Thursday 10.30-11.15am Early Communication Group Tuebrook CC Language enrichment session for children aged 2-3 years old. On 23rd November 2017. Invite only
Thursday 12.15-3.15pm Baby and Child First Aid for Parents West Derby CC On 7th December 2017. Creche available. Book
Thursday 1-2pm Introducing Solids - information and weaning support West Derby CC Session dates: 21st September, 19th October, 16th November, 21st December 2017 Book
Thursday 1-2pm Terrific Twos Tuebrook CC the next big milestone in your child's life - nursery.  Drop in
Friday 9.30am-11.00am Coffee Morning Tuebrook CC Opportunity for parents to meet up and chat over a cuppa. Includes activities for children. Drop in
Friday 9.30am-11.00am Health Visitor Drop In Tuebrook CC Baby weigh-in and advice clinic. Stepping Stones - support and advice on weaning, safety, play, learning and communication. Drop in
Friday 10-11am Wonderful Busy 1s West Derby CC Exploratory and treasure basket play  for under 1s. Drop in
Friday 12.45-2.45pm Five Ways to Wellbeing West Derby CC Life brings lots of challenges, big and small. This session will help to build your resilience and enable to you to rise to these challenges. Starts 6th October 2017. Book
Friday 12.45-2.45pm Mums Matter West Derby CC Supporting mums with postnatal depression. From 13th October-17th November 2017. Book 
Friday 12.45-2.45pm Healthy Me West Derby CC Family cooking, health and nutrition course with practical sessions. Crèche available.    Book