The Outcome Star - Family Star Plus workforce development sessions

Following the implementation of the Early Help Assessment Tool (EHAT) Liverpool City Council would like to encourage colleagues and partners to attend the Outcome Star – Family Star Plus workforce development sessions.  The Outcome Star is closely aligned to the EHAT and ultimately owned by the family, measuring their progression aligned to the journey of change, whilst embedding resilience and sustainability in families.

Attendance at these sessions is highly encouraged for those who have attended the EHAT sessions, and it further embeds Early Help as a principled way of working.

Sessions will provide an opportunity for the multi-agency workforce to explore and develop skills in the key aspects of Outcome Star.

Session objectives

  • Describe what the Outcome Star (Family Star Plus) is.
  • Describe how the Outcome Star is embedded as part of the EHAT process.
  • Demonstrate how to complete an Outcome Star and a Family Centred Plan.
  • Demonstrate techniques to engage and work with a family.
  • Use the Outcome Star to consider potential neglect.

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