DfE Registered Alternative Education Provision FPS - Round 3

Closing Date: 31 December 2022 16:00

Tender Ref: DN555486

The aim of the project is to create a Flexible Purchasing System (FPS) and identify Providers who can deliver excellent alternative provision for the education of pupils at key stage 3, 4 and 5 by offering a flexible response to those not placed in a mainstream or special school.

Registered schools within the Liverpool City Region may apply at any time, the Applications they submit will only be assessed and added to the FPS at 3 periods during each academic year.

The objectives of provision are:

  • To provide pupils with a rigorous and high-quality alternative to a mainstream curriculum
  • To offer children and young people who have not previously succeeded in the mainstream system a creative and engaging opportunity to re-join the world of education
  • To support and raise the attainment of all pupils to ensure that they achieve at the highest level possible
  • To raise the aspiration of all pupils
  • To work towards successful transition to post-16 education, employment, or training
  • Provide a tailored education programme for each young person and personal guidance and support
  • Offer pupils the opportunity for formal accreditation in several subject areas
  • Offer access in the wider curriculum to a range of enrichment activities e.g. arts, sports, PSHE, work-related learning

The services will be split into the following Lots:

Lot 1 - Alternative education

Lot 2 - Alternative education - online learning

Lot 3 - Alternative Education Provision for Pupils with an EHCP

Lot 3A - Alternative Education Provision for Pupils with an EHCP delivered online

Lot 4 - Additional Support Services Please download the full supporting documents from Procontract free of charge. 

Further details and how to tender

Your company must register on ProContract (Due North) by clicking on 'Register free'. Once you have registered go to the 'My opportunities' section of the site, view the details of the job and follow the instructions on how to make a submission.