Independent financial advice

Many people who are eligible to receive care or support services from the council make a financial contribution towards the cost of the services they receive.

How much a person contributes is determined by a financial assessment where a member of the council’s income and assessment team will consider a person’s income, such as a pension, and their savings, as well as any other assets they might own, such as property.

There are several ways to pay for care. For example, people who have moved into residential care can, if they are eligible, have a deferred payment agreement. 

How you choose to contribute towards the cost of your care depends on your personal circumstances and personal choice. But as the population ages, more people will need some form of support or care and will want to plan ahead.

Some people find it helpful to speak to a professional about their finances. If you would like to speak to someone about what choices are available then there are plenty of sources of financial advice. These include charities and independent financial advisors (IFAs). Sometimes you might have to pay a fee for advice.

Further information

Liverpool City Council cannot give advice or recommend which organisations or IFAs you should approach. Please read this guidance on financial advisers

These organisations also offer guidance on how to find advice:

You can also search for local information on money matters on the Live Well directory.