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Care needs assessment

Before we can offer you care and support services we will need to find out more about your circumstances. A care needs assessment gives us an opportunity to look at a person's needs and work with you to put in place the best care and support. 

If you are a professional requesting an assessment for a patient, service user or client's needs under the NHS and Community Care Act please use the care assessment referral form for professionals.

Who can request an assessment?

You, a family member, friend or advocate can request an assessment by completing a care enquiry online. [or if the care assessment form in LL is ready, we can deep link to this if that is the plan].

You can also call Careline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - our phone lines do get busy and we advise you to call us only if your enquiry is urgent [do we want to advertise number here or stick to online only? - what would be classed as urgent in terms of a care needs assessment?]

What happens next?

When we receive your care enquiry, somebody will contact you to arrange a time to do a full care needs assessment, or explain your options if a full assessment is not needed.

We aim to complete a full assessment within 28 days. In an emergency we aim to start the assessment and provide help within 24 hours.