I need to find a care home - what do I do?

Select an option from below and we'll tell you what the right process is for your enquiry. Our phone lines do get busy and we advise you to call us only if your enquiry is urgent.

We are not excluding the careline number here, but ideally need to know in what circumstances a phone call is absolutely necessary as we don't want to encourage it as the first point of contact - so in the list below, there will be a 'contact us about something else' which would include the phone number, for things that wouldn't necessarily be covered by any of the online processes etc....I just need to know what types of things they would be? Also, the list below isn't final - so if there are other things we could include that we don't currently have content on the site for, let me know and we can include it.

Your next steps

I need to find a care home - what do I do?

We would need to do a care needs assessment to find out what type of care is best suited to your needs. 

Complete a care enquiry and a social worker will get in touch to discuss the next steps [or link to full care assessment if this is the process?]