Short breaks for looked after adults

Short breaks give looked after people and their carers time away from their usual routine.

What is a break?

Breaks can be different for everyone, they depend on what would be helpful to you in your caring role.

Sometimes it might mean that a care worker stays with the looked after person for a few hours enabling the carer to go out. It can also mean that the cared for person goes out as part of a small group to enjoy a leisure activity.

Breaks can also involve overnight stays. For example, the cared for person might spend some time in a residential home or with a trained carer in the carer's own home for a few days. You might also hear this called respite. If they stay with a carer this is part of the Shared Lives scheme

How do I get a break?

If you think that you and the person you care for would benefit from a break you can:

The assessment gives you a chance to talk about your caring role and will help the social worker understand whether a break is the best kind of support for you and the person for whom you care.

Will I have to pay?

Sometimes you or the person for whom you care might be asked to make a contribution towards the cost of any service you receive.

This will be explained to you by your social worker.