Community support and getting out and about

Transport to services

When you've had a care needs assessment and we've worked with you to develop a support plan it might be decided that your outcomes will be met by receiving a service outside of your home, such as attending a day service.

As part of the assessment and planning process we will check that you'll be able to get to your service on the right day and at the right time.

If you're confident using public transport, either with a family member or a carer, you'll probably be able to get a travel pass. 

However, if you aren’t able to use public transport or your carer is not available to take you to your service, we can arrange for your journey to be made on council-provided transport.

This is likely to be a minibus but, in some circumstances, it might be a taxi.

Your transport needs will be included in your support plan.

If you no longer use the transport

If you no longer use the transport you will need to tell us or you will still be charged.

Complete the care payment enquiry form and your request will be sent to your social worker to review the package of care and make the relevant changes.

Bus Service Operator Grant

Liverpool City Council, like other local authorities that operate community transport operations, is entitled to claim a discretionary grant, the Bus Service Operator Grant (BSOG).

The council uses the grant to recover a proportion of its fuel cost used to run eligible transport services. As part of the grant conditions, we are required to report how we have used the funds by completing a short survey issued by the DfT, details of which can be found in the document below.