Extra care housing

Extra care housing has been developed for older people who are less able to do everyday tasks for themselves.

You might also hear extra care housing called assisted living, very sheltered housing, or housing with care.

Extra care housing schemes consist of self-contained houses or flats that can be owned or rented. They differ from sheltered housing schemes in that there are also different care services available on site, such as domestic or personal care. There will also be communal facilities which could include lounges, a dining room or restaurant, or a laundry.

Before you move in to extra care housing, you will need to meet providers’ eligibility criteria, such as being aged at least 55 and having some care and support needs.

If you are part of a couple and one of you has greater care needs, extra care housing could make it possible for you to continue to live together.

How to apply

If you are interested in living in an extra care scheme you can submit a support enquiry, which will help us decide what the next steps should be. This may include doing a full care needs assessment.

  • If you are already known to us and receive care services at home, we can arrange a review of your care and support needs.
  • If you are not already known to us and do not receive care services at home we will arrange a full care needs assessment.
Please note that there is a lot of demand for extra care housing which means you may need to wait for a place to become available.

You can search for extra care housing providers on the Live Well directory.