Shared Lives

Shared Lives is help for adults who are unable to support themselves independently. They might have a learning disability, physical or sensory impairment, or mental ill health. It is also known as adult fostering or adult placements.

Shared Lives means a vulnerable adult lives in the carer's home as part of their family. Carers are specially trained after they have been through a recruitment process. Placements can be short or long term and can also be used for respite so that family carers can have a break.

How to apply

To receive Shared Lives support the vulnerable adult will need to have a care needs assessment.

Complete a support enquiry and someone will be in touch to arrange an assessment.

If the vulnerable adult is in hospital, a social worker may arrange a referral to Shared Lives to support discharge.

Find out more about Shared Lives and what to do if you are interested in becoming a Shared Lives carer on the PSS website.

What happens next?

If it's agreed that an adult placement is the best option, a Shared Lives scheme will then work with the vulnerable adult to match them with an adult placement carer. When a placement has been made it is monitored so that the adult’s outcomes are being met.