Sheltered housing

Sheltered housing is specially designed accommodation for older people so that you can live independently.

They are self-contained flats or bungalows which you can rent, and have a range of communal facilities such as:

  • lounge
  • laundry
  • hairdressing.

A scheme manager or 'warden' may live on site or nearby, who you can call in an emergency. Most sheltered housing schemes also have alarm systems.

If you're considering sheltered housing

Sheltered housing might be something you are considering if you want to live in a smaller home that is easier to manage. It is a good option if you are able to live independently, but need occasional help and support.

To find a sheltered housing scheme, you must join the Property Pool housing register. Once registered you can search for sheltered housing, view vacant properties and express an interest or place a bid.

Find out more about sheltered housing and how to find a scheme.