Supported accommodation

Supported accommodation are houses or flats for people who have a support need such as a learning disability, a physical or sensory impairment, or mental ill health.

People living in supported accommodation might have their own self-contained flat in a scheme, or might live together with other people, where they have their own bedroom but share the communal areas such as the kitchen and bathroom.

People who live in supported accommodation have tenancy agreements and standard tenants’ rights.

Support workers are based in the accommodation and, depending on tenants’ needs, might also stay in the accommodation overnight.

How to apply

If you think supported accommodation would be suitable for you or for a person you care for complete a support enquiry.

  • If you are already known to us and receive support services at home, we can arrange a review of your care and support needs.
  • If you are not already known to us and do not receive support services at home we will arrange a full care needs assessment.