Ask for an occupational therapy assessment

If you or a family member finds it difficult to manage day-to-day activities at home due to a physical, mental or sensory impairment, illness or old age, you can request an occupational therapy assessment.

At an assessment we may offer advice, equipment or adaptations to help you:

  • make use of your home safely
  • manage your toilet needs
  • maintain your personal hygiene
  • manage your nutrition
  • access your home and garden
  • carry out caring responsibilities

 Find out more about the help an occupational therapist can offer.

What we cannot help with

We cannot offer help with the following:

Request an assessment

Anyone over 18 living at home with care and support needs can request an assessment using the online form below. A family member, carer, friend or professional can also do this on your behalf, with your consent.

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Request an occupational therapy assessment

You must answer all the mandatory questions - we may reject your referral if you submit an incomplete form.

What happens after I submit a request?

In the first instance, we will call you to discuss your needs over the phone within 20 working days. We might be able to agree solutions and actions at that point.

If you need further support, we’ll place you on our waiting list for a home or virtual assessment - this could take up to six months. If your needs are urgent, we will prioritise your assessment. People with a complex or life-limiting health condition are given the highest priority.

If your circumstances change or you need to contact us about your assessment, please use the reference number and contact details on the email you were sent when you submitted your application.

What happens during an assessment?

Your assessment will be carried out by an occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant. They will ask questions about your:

  • needs
  • physical health
  • social environment
  • psychological wellbeing

They will also ask to observe you so they can recommend equipment, aids and adaptations. They may ask to observe you:

  • using stairs or steps
  • getting on and off a chair or toilet 
  • getting in and out of bed, the bath or shower

If they cannot observe you in person, the may do so via WhatsApp video, or ask or you to send a video of you carrying out a task.

What happens after an assessment?

You will get a care plan that focuses on helping you enjoy the activities that have purpose and meaning to you. The type of equipment we recommend may include:

  • raised toilet seats
  • bathing aids
  • minor adaptations such as grab rails, stair rails and steps 

We may also refer you for a further assessment for major adaptations to your home.

Do I need to pay?

We do not charge for an assessment or any advice we give you. 

Equipment, specialist equipment and minor adaptations are free, but you may have to pay for others. 

If we recommend a major adaptations or specialist equipment, how much you pay will be determined by an assessment of your finances. Your occupational therapist or assistant will apply for a disabled facilities grant on our behalf - how much you get may be subject to a means test. 

Your occupational therapist or assistant will be able to offer advice on funding. Find out more about minor and major adaptations for your home.

Other support

We may also refer you to: