Equipment repairs and returns

How to return an item and what to do if equipment breaks or develops a fault.

How to return an item you no longer need 

If you no longer need an item of equipment please contact Community Equipment Disabled Advisory Services to arrange its return. Equipment is in short supply across the city so all returns will benefit someone else in need.

Repairs to equipment supplied by us 

If the equipment given to you following an occupational therapy assessment carried out by us is less than two years old, please contact the Community Equipment Disabled Advisory Services (CEDAS).

If the equipment given to you following an occupational therapy assessment carried out by us is more than two years ago, CEDAS may refuse to repair it. They may ask for you to be reassessed to make sure that the equipment is still suitable.

Issues with level access showers

Level access showers have a 12-month warranty period. Please read the warranty and contact the supplier for help. After the warranty period expires, the shower is part of your home and you are responsible for all repairs and maintenance.

If you rent from a private landlord property the repairs will be your responsibility. You may want to talk to your private landlord to clarify the situation. If you live in a housing association property they should carry out the repairs. See our list of housing associations for their contact details.

Issues with a Closomat or Geberit toilet 

Before asking for a repair, please see our troubleshooting guide to resolving common problems with your Closomat or Geberit toilet

Stairlift repairs

Stairlifts provided by us usually come with a 10-year warranty. If it is still under warranty, please contact the Mobility Living Centre, Liverpool.

Repair of other items

If you purchased your own equipment after an occupational therapy assessment you must pay for it to be repaired.

If any of the items listed below were supplied by us after an occupational therapy assessment and are still under the warranty, please contact the supplier directly. If they are out of warranty we can arrange for them to be repaired.

  • Closomat or Geberit toilet 
  • Stair lift 
  • Step lift 
  • Ceiling track hoist

See the suppliers links below for their website and contact details.

List of suppliers