Help with your mobility

Help if you fall or are at risk of falling

The NHS falls prevention service will assess and rehabilitate adults who have fallen or who are at high risk of falling. Find out more at Liverpool Community Falls Team (

Do you need a wheelchair?

If you don’t already have a wheelchair, please contact your GP who will make a referral to the NHS for you. 

Do you need a mobility aid?

To buy a mobility aid, such as a 4-wheel walker or walking sticks, please contact one of the suppliers below:

Alternatively, you can contact your GP and ask them to refer you for a physiotherapy assessment with the NHS.

Help with a wheelchair or mobility aid 

Do you use a wheelchair or mobility aid and struggle to get in or out of your home or move around inside it? You can ask for an occupational therapy assessment.

If you already own a wheelchair supplied by the Liverpool Wheelchair Service and you are struggling to use it, you can contact them for help at Liverpool Wheelchair Service website (