Charging for residential care

If after your needs assessment it’s decided that residential care is the best way to meet your eligible needs, we may ask you to pay a contribution towards the cost. 

To work out how much you can pay, we’ll carry out a financial assessment in accordance with the Care Act 2014.

The amount we ask you to contribute will depend on your income (including benefits) and capital, such as savings and any other assets you own such as property (including your home).

What happens during a financial assessment?

The financial assessor may need to see proof of your income and savings, so please have this information available, for example, saving account books, benefit books, bank statements and share certificates. You can have a relative, friend or other representative with you during the assessment.

If you would like to be supported by an independent advocate at any point during the assessment process please contact Healthwatch Liverpool.

We will write to you after the assessment and tell you how much you will be asked to pay. We will re-assess you each year to re-calculate the amount. If your circumstances change before the year is up, we may ask to make a re-assessment.


If you have more than £23,250 in savings and assets (including your home) you will be classed as a self-funder and expected to meet the full cost of your care.  If you're a self funder you may also be eligible for a deferred payment agreement.

We’ll also need to be satisfied that you, a family member or representative, can make the contractual arrangements with the care home you have chosen. We are happy to help you find a care home.

If, in the future, you need help paying your bills, we will carry out a new assessment to find out if you qualify for financial support from the council.

If you would like to be supported by an independent advocate at any point, please contact Healthwatch Liverpool. You might also wish to get independent financial advice about how to fund your care.

What if I don’t agree with how much you ask me to pay?

If you do not feel that you should pay the amount requested, either because you think that it has been wrongly calculated or because you cannot afford the payments, we’ll arrange a review to look at whether the charging policy has been applied correctly.

If after the review you still aren’t happy with any aspect of the decision you may use our complaints service .

What happens if my financial circumstances change?

If your circumstances change you should contact the financial assessments team who will check that you are paying the right amount. A yearly review of the amount you pay will also be carried out when benefit rates change.

Can I refuse to have a financial assessment?

If you don’t want a financial assessment you’ll be classed as a self-funder (see above). We’ll write to you to explain the charges.