Council Tax Support: How to claim

If you qualify for Council Tax Support you will receive help with your Council Tax bill.

Who can claim?

To qualify for Council Tax Support, you must be:

  • On a low income.
  • The person responsible for paying the Council Tax.

Council Tax Support is calculated in the same way as Council Tax Benefit by looking at your income, savings and household circumstances.

How much am I entitled to?

The maximum amount of Council Tax Support you can receive is:

  • If you are of working age - up to 91.5% of the Council Tax bill you are responsible for paying.
  • If you are of pensionable age - up to 100% of the Council Tax bill you are responsible for paying.

How to apply

Before you apply online please have the following to hand:

  • A National Insurance number for you (and your partner if you have one).
  • The full names and dates of birth of everyone living in your household.
  • Your household income, savings, investments and expenses – including items such as childcare costs and private pension contributions.

The first few questions asked on the form allow for an online estimate of how much Council Tax Support you could receive. You will be notified of your actual award when your claim has been processed. You can also use this form to claim Housing Benefit.

Before you apply please be sure to note the following:
  • Once you have filled in the form, and before you submit your application, you will be given a list of all the evidence you need to keep which supports your claim. Please print or copy and keep this list – it’s important that you have a record of it.
  • You only need to provide proof of identity if we write to you and ask for it.

Apply for Council Tax Support online

If you want to apply for Free School Meals please use our Free School Meals online application form.

How do I log back into my form?

If you have saved your form and want to log back in, please use the button below. You will need to have your reference number and your password to access your form.

Log back into your saved Council Tax Support application

How do I claim Second Adult Rebate?

Second Adult Rebate is for single people who pay Council Tax but share their home with another adult aged 18 or over who is on a low income and does not pay rent.
If you fit these circumstances, you will need to fill in a Council Tax Support application form using the button above and we will work out what help we can give you.

What do I do if I think this decision is wrong?

If you want to know more about this decision or think it is wrong, you must tell us within one month of this letter or we may not be able to help.

You can either:

  • Tell us what information is wrong and ask us to look at the decision again.
  • Ask for an explanation.

If you are still not satisfied you can appeal the decision.

Council Tax Support Appeals

If you are still not satisfied with the outcome or the reasons for a decision or if a response has not been given from the Benefits Service within two months you can appeal in writing to - The Valuation Tribunal, Hepworth House, 2 Trafford Court, Doncaster, Yorkshire, DN1 1PN.

Tell us about a change in circumstance

If you are in the process of applying for Council Tax Support, or already receive it, we need to know if your circumstances change straight away as it could affect what you are entitled to. 

Tell us about a change in circumstance

Further information

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