Book of remembrance entry

If you wish to remember a loved one after cremation, a Book of Remembrance entry at Anfield or Springwood Crematoria may be something you are considering.

Each book entry is hand written in a traditional script by a calligrapher with the option to add a hand-painted motif such as a floral emblem, badge or coat of arms. You can choose a 2, 5 or 8 line entry with up to 32 characters per line.

Entries are permanent and there are no renewal fees.

An example of how a book entry may look is below:

Book of remembrance entry with motif or crest

If you wish, you can also add miniature books of remembrance or memorial cards to your order for an additional fee. These are small books and cards which duplicate your entry into the main Book of Remembrance for you to keep.

If you are thinking about reserving space in the book for a future inscription, please contact us before completing an application so we can discuss the options with you.

Book of Remembrance costs

Main book entry

  • 2 lines: £40
  • 5 lines: £77
  • 8 lines: £100

If adding an emblem to the main book, additional fees are:

  • Floral emblem: £65
  • Badge: £77
  • Coat of Arms: £88

Miniature books of remembrance and memorial cards

These are optional and duplicate your entry into the main Book of Remembrance:

  • Miniature book (2 lines): £53
  • Miniature book (5 lines): £65
  • Miniature book (8 lines): £77
  • Memorial card (2 lines): £30
  • Memorial card (5 lines): £40
  • Memorial card (8 lines): £53

How to apply

The easiest and quickest way is to apply and pay online.  

Apply and pay online

Read our privacy notice which tells you how we use your data.

What happens next?

We will schedule the work in with our calligrapher. It may take up to two months from the date of application to the entry being made into the main book.

We will contact you when the work is complete and arrange an appointment for you to view the entry. If you have ordered any miniature books or memorial cards we will post these out to you.

Viewing the Book of Remembrance

In person

You can view books in person during crematoria opening hours. Due to the delicate nature of the vellum paper, pages are turned daily. This means you don’t need an appointment to view the current day, but will need an appointment if you wish to view a particular entry. Appointments are available weekdays 9.30am to 3.30pm.

Please note that the books are taken away at intervals throughout the year to be scanned for entry into the online book of remembrance, so may not be available to view in person on occasion.

If your application for a new entry coincides with the scanning schedule, it may take up to 4 months to view a new entry in person – although it should be available to view online within 2 weeks of the entry being made.


You can view existing book entries online below. Please note that entries into the main book may take up to 12 months to be displayed online. The online entries may not be suitable for users of assistive technology as they are scanned copies of original handwritten entries.

Terms and conditions

  • Before completing any application, customers must read our privacy notice which explains how we process and store your personal data.
  • Entries into the Book of Remembrance are permanent.
  • No other form of memorial or commemoration, other than those supplied and installed by the authority, may be placed near the Book of Remembrance.
  • Due to the delicate nature of the vellum pages (which are turned daily), you will need an appointment to view particular entries. Appointments are not needed to view the current day.
  • The council reserves the right to alter or amend the product and Conditions of Participation of any of its memorialisation schemes.