Memorial options for cremation

Various memorial options are offered at both Springwood and Anfield Crematorium to allow families to remember a loved one. Payment of appropriate fees are to be made at the time of application.

Price list and fees.

Anfield Crematorium Colonnade Niche

A niche in the colonnade wall accommodates up to two sets of cremated remains stored in wooden casks. A plaque is placed in front of the niche inscribed with the words selected by the family and there is space for a photograph which can be mounted alongside  the tribute. Families may wish to witness the placing of cremated remains in the niche which can also be done as part of a service.

Cremated remains are placed in the niche for a period of either five or ten years. This may be extended for a further period at an additional cost. We will make contact with the family to request a fee to extend the display period but if we don't receive a reply and the cremated remains are not collected after three months they will be strewn in the Garden of Remembrance.

Colonnade Niche Application Form.  

Springwood Crematorium Baby Garden

Within the Baby Garden at Springwood Crematorium is a Memorial Plaque Wall with individual plaques, onto which an inscription can be added in a gold finish. A choice of decorative motifs is offered as an added feature or you may wish to select a photograph for mounting onto your tribute.

Each plaque is displayed for a five year period. A further five years may be purchased upon expiry, but if a further five year period is not purchased the plaque will be removed from display and given to the family if desired.

Baby Garden Memorial Plaque Application Form.      

Book of Remembrance

An entry into the Book of Remembrance is a permanent way to remember a loved one and does not require renewal fees.

Each entry is handwritten in traditional style and can be accompanied by a motif which is hand painted by a craftsman. Space can be reserved for future use. This option is a permanent form of memorialisation with no renewal fees. Miniature Books of Remembrance and Memorial Cards are also available displaying your chosen inscription.

Book of Remembrance Application Form.   

Memorial Rose Bush and Plaque

Memorial roses are available within certain beds at both crematoria. These roses have already been planted so it is not possible to have a rose planted in a specific location. It may not be possible to choose the colour of the rose either.

Each rose will be accompanied by an attractive plaque with a suitable inscription with engraved lettering in black on a gold background.

The plaque is displayed for a five-year period. A further five years may be purchased upon expiry but if it is not the plaque will be removed from display and the rose made available for other families.

Each plaque will fit up to 80 letters, although it is possible to purchase an additional plaque below to add more words.

Memorial Rose and Plaque Application Form.  

Memorial Plaque

Memorial plaques are wall mounted tributes. Wording on each plaque is carefully engraved by skilled craftsmen and is offered in a gold finish. A choice of decorative motifs is offered or you may wish to select a photograph to add to your tribute.

Plaques can be displayed either within the Book of Remembrance Room or on a specially constructed wall within the Garden of Remembrance.

Each plaque is displayed for a five-year period. A further five years may be purchased upon expiry but if it is not, the plaque will be removed from display.

Memorial Plaque Application Form.

Terms and conditions

No form of memorial or commemoration other than those supplied and installed by the City Council may be placed within the crematoria buildings or grounds. The City Council will remove any unauthorised items, articles, container or artefact.

No fencing should be placed around memorialisation to designate an individual plot. Such items will also be removed.

With regard to memorial rose and plaques, only one spiked flower vase is permitted per rose and plaque.  Any additional vases will be removed.

At the end of the display period the City Council will write to the last known address of the applicant offering renewal of the display period. The fee payable is the full fee applicable at that time. If the agreement is not renewed the memorialisation item will be removed from display.

The City Council will endeavour to ensure all memorial items are kept in reasonable condition. The City Council hold no responsibility for damage caused to items other than by its own negligence.

The City Council reserves the right to alter or amend the product and the conditions of participation of any of its memorial schemes.