Funerals during the Covid-19 outbreak

Funerals: living with covid

Losing a loved one is often a very emotional time and during the pandemic many families have not been able to organise the funeral they would have liked.

People can arrange and attend funerals and other religious or commemorative events to mark a death. However, there is now guidance in place to minimise the spread of coronavirus.

This information was updated on 25th February 2022.

Arranging a funeral

As the NHS continues to work under pressure, you should arrange a funeral to take place as soon as possible.

Government no longer a maximum number of attendees, however, the number of attendees is determined by how many people the venue can safely accommodate.

We have carried out risk assessments and changed layouts to safely accommodate the number of mourners, as listed below:

  • Springwood - Rosemary Chapel: 70
  • Springwood - Myrtle Chapel: 48
  • Anfield: 50
  • Full burials: no restrictions on numbers
  • Burial of Ashes: no restrictions on numbers
  • Scattering of Ashes: no restrictions on numbers

Bereaved families will be asked by funeral directors to take all reasonable measures to stay safe and help prevent the spread of covid.  We will each have to make our own decisions about what will be our do’s and don’ts to move forward and live with covid.

Alternative arrangements

Funeral directors and faith leaders can help advise you on how to involve mourners who cannot attend the funeral service.

For example:

  • many crematoria or places of worship, offer a live-streaming facility or video recording
  • you could organise a time to meet online to share memories of the deceased
  • you could ask people to contribute photos and stories to a website or Facebook page, or make a book which you could circulate
  • you could hold a memorial service outside or in a COVID-safe venue appropriate for larger numbers of mourners

After the funeral

There is no longer a maximum number of attendees for commemorative events such as a wake. Instead, the number of attendees is determined by how many people the venue or outdoor space can safely accommodate with social distancing measures in place. Please discuss with the venue manager.

Coping with grief

Coping with grief when distanced from people you care about can be hard.
If you need extra support then you might like to consider contacting your local faith community, the Good Grief Trust or Dying Matters.