Checklist for Liverpool City Region Additional Restrictions Grant 3

You will be asked to provide information and documents to support your grant application, so the following checklist is to be used to help you gather the information before you start to complete the online application form. 

You must complete the online application form and upload the evidence in one session as it cannot be saved.  Any missing or incorrect information will result in your application being rejected. 

Liverpool City Council reserves the right to vary the terms of the ARG3 scheme or suspend or close the scheme with immediate effect, without notice and at any time.

ARG3 scheme application checklist
Evidence required Business in a commercial property Home-based business
Business rates reference number and a copy of your bill from April 2021 to March 2022 if your business premises are in the business rates system and you are liable for business rates. Yes N/A
Copies of three months business bank account statements from October 2021 to December 2021. These details must match the name of the business, or individual listed on the business rates bill, lease or mortgage agreement, and clearly show:
- name of the bank account holder
- business address
- sort code and account number
- business transactions
Yes Yes
A utility bill within the last three months clearly showing the business address or home address, if you operate your business from home. Mobile phone bills are not permitted. Yes Yes
Sales invoice for December 2021 or evidence of cancelled contract/agreement for December 2021 e.g. notification from venue or event of cancellation of event/activity resulting in services no longer required N/A Yes
If a limited company, the Companies House number and date of incorporation Yes Yes
If self-employed: HMRC 10-digit Unique Tax Reference Number  N/A Yes
VAT number, if applicable Yes Yes
Signed commercial lease, mortgage statement or mortgage deed Yes N/A
Business-related insurance certificate e.g. professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance, employer liability insurance N/A Yes
Online self declaration - a declaration to confirm that the business is viable, trading and continues to trade Yes Yes
A declaration to confirm the number of staff within the business - you must employ a minimum of one person, this can be the self-employed, a director or sole trader Yes Yes
A declaration to confirm eligibility as a Micro or Small business, and that under subsidy allowance rules you can receive the grant Yes Yes
A declaration to confirm that you are not eligible for or have received an Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant  Yes Yes