Evidence you must submit with your application

You must submit the following evidence with your application.

1. Business rates reference number and a copy of your bill from April 2020 to June 2021, if your business premises are in the business rates system.

2. A copy of a full business bank statement within the last three months. These details must match the name of the business, or individual listed on the business rates bill or lease / mortgage agreement, and clearly show:

  • name of the bank account holder
  • business address
  • sort code and account number
  • business transactions

3. A utility bill within the last three months clearly showing the business address.

4. If a limited company - please submit The Companies House number and date of incorporation.

5. If self-employed - please submit your HMRC unique tax reference number (10 digit) and a copy of HMRC confirmation of your UTR or SA302 tax calculation.

6. VAT number, if applicable.

7. Property related costs. These must clearly show the financial contribution you are required to make as part of the agreement. One item from the following list to be uploaded:

  • commercial lease, licence or rental agreement, including agreements for spaces such as small lockups or for regular hire of space in leisure / hospitality / sports premises, with at least six months remaining
  • a letter from your landlord if permission is required to carry out work
  • a current, signed commercial mortgage agreement, or
  • a current mortgage deed

8. One item from the following list must also be uploaded with your application:

  • existing contract with accountant / solicitor for ongoing professional advice/services, for instance accounts
  • business related insurances, for instance professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance, employer liability insurance
  • costs related to licenses or professional certification necessary for carrying out your business
  • hire purchase or finance leases for equipment necessary for your business operation
  • costs of membership of trade or professional bodies
  • evidence of business expenses that you claim on your annual HMRC self-assessment tax return

9. Evidence of trading on or before 1 June 2021. This will be done by way of self-declaration on the online application form.

10. Evidence of the number of staff you employ. You must employ a minimum of 1 person (this can be the self-employed, a Director, sole trader). This will be done by way of self-declaration on the online application form.

11.Evidence of Subsidy Control compliance (formerly State Aid). This will be done by way of self-declaration on the online application form.

12. A letter from a qualified, independent accountant which confirms the business to be operational and not insolvent, and a small or micro business under the Companies Act 2006.

13. Quotes from at least 3 different suppliers, with the cheapest quote being selected for the project. The quotes, if dated, must be dated within the seven days before your application is submitted.