Access a better broadband service

Can you access a broadband service that offers a download speed of more than 2Mbps in your home or at your business premises?

If the answer is no you may qualify for help from a government scheme.

How does it work?

Merseyside Connected, in conjunction with Broadband Delivery UK, is offering subsidised broadband installation to those who qualify as part of the government’s commitment to UK-wide access to 2Mbps download speeds by the end of 2017.

The offer includes support so that a download service can be installed and paid for in the first year for no more than £400.

The subsidised installation can also be used to access more expensive packages that offer faster speeds and higher data caps.

Who can apply?

You will only be eligible if your home or business premises does not have access to speeds of more than 2Mbps.

If you do qualify, you will be able to pick a service from one of the retail service providers in the scheme. There are a variety of packages designed to meet the connection speed and amount of data you need. 

How to apply

Once you have read the guide and have decided that you are eligible, you can apply online for help with accessing a better broadband service.

Apply online

If you qualify, you will be sent an email with a subsidy code and instructions on what to do next.