Air quality review and assessments

Under the Environment Act 1995, Local Authorities must undertake a yearly review and assessment of air quality within their geographical areas.

As a result of these assessments, Liverpool City Council (LCC) declared two Air Quality Management Areas (AQMA) for Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) in May 2005.  Additional review and assessments between 2005 and 2008 showed a further deterioration in Air Quality across Liverpool. Consequently, in May 2008 a decision was taken by the council to declare a single city wide AQMA covering the whole of the city of Liverpool.

In May 2008, a decision was taken to declare a single AQMA covering the whole of the city of Liverpool.

Information for developers and consultants

Where appropriate, developers have to consider the impact of their proposed development on air quality. If necessary developers may have to appoint a consultant to undertake an Air Quality Assessment to look at the potential impact the development would have on existing air quality. Included within the assessment must be a baseline study. The baseline study requires the latest monitoring data from Liverpool City Council to be included and must take into account the most recent review and  assessment reports.

The following reports have been produced by LCC and are available under the 2005 Reuse of Public Sector Information (ROPSI) regulations at a cost of £160.

  • Detailed Assessment 2007
  • Progress report 2008
  • Detailed Assessment 2009
  • Update and Screening Assessment 2009
  • Progress report 2010
  • Progress report 2011
  • Update and Screening Assessment 2012
  • Progress report 2013
  • Progress report 2014
  • Update and Screening Assessment 2015

If you wish to obtain any of these reports, please contact us.