Non-profit and charity rate relief

Mandatory rate relief for registered charities and sports clubs

Properties which are occupied by registered charities, or trustees of a registered charity, and are completely or mainly used for charitable purposes are entitled to an 80% reduction in business rates. 

Similar rules apply to properties occupied by registered community amateur sports clubs, if the property is completely or mainly used by the club.

Relief can be granted to charity shops if all or most of what it sells is donated goods, and the money raised is used by the charity.

Read the guidance notes on charity relief criteria.

How to apply

Apply online for mandatory charity relief


download, complete and return the mandatory charity relief form.

Discretionary relief

We have discretion to grant relief of up to 100% of the rates on properties occupied by certain non-profit making bodies, or in the case of registered charities that are entitled to 80% relief to top up the relief to 100%. These include charitable, philanthropic, religious, educational, social welfare, science, literature and fine arts.

When making a decision on discretionary relief, we'll look at the contribution that the organisation makes to the area.

How to apply

Apply online for discretionary rate relief


 Download, complete and return the discretionary rate relief form.