Regional Investment Aid Merseyside

Regional Investment Aid Merseyside is a discretionary fund scheme for businesses located in areas of high unemployment, where money and jobs are needed.  Priority is given to awarding money for initial investment that creates and supports sustainable jobs.

It governs how the council is allowed to award funding from available sources to areas which need it the most, putting the poorest areas at the front of the funding queue. 


The scheme will only award aid that directly fulfils all the conditions of Commission Regulation (EC) No 1628/2006.

It applies to large, medium and small sized enterprises located in assisted areas of Merseyside.

The scheme will be open to all sectors eligible for regional investment aid, except those in:

  • Fisheries and aquaculture.
  • Ship building.
  • Coal industry.
  • Steel industry.
  • Synthetic fibres.
  • Primary production of agriculture products (listed in annex 1 of the treaty).

Types of project

Regional Investment Aid Merseyside may provide support for initial aid investment projects helping with:

  • Construction of a new building that will be home to a business, or an extension to an existing building from which a business is operating.
  • Buying new or replacing plant and machinery.
  • Paying wages of new staff provided they are sustained for at least five years for large enterprises and three years in the case of SME's.

How to apply

Contact 0151 600 2932 to find out what grants are available and whether your project is eligible.  We will explain the scheme and method of appraisal and approval.  It is necessary to establish the nature of the project and overall project benefits.

All applicants must clearly demonstrate market failure and that the regional aid produces a real incentive.  Any funding provided must encourage investments which would not otherwise be made in the assisted areas of Merseyside.

Grant amount

At no time will the intervention rate exceed the relevant regional aid ceilings (gross grant equivalent) for large, medium or small sized enterprises, as determined by the regional aid map for the period 2007 to 2013.  All thresholds will be expressed in terms of aid intensities in relation to a set of eligible costs.

Aid intensity level (eligible costs)

  • Large enterprises - up to 15 per cent.
  • Medium sized enterprises - up to 25 per cent.
  • Small sized enterprises - up to 35 per cent.

You will need to provide financial contribution towards eligible costs, either through your own resources or external funding, in a form which is free from any public support. This adheres to the ceilings required under the regional aid map approved 2007 to 2013.

The scheme will not provide support for operating aid that seeks to reduce the day to day running costs of a business such as rent, utility bills or ongoing consultancy services.  

The scheme will not target specific sectors of economic activity within manufacturing or services.

If a project receives public funding from other sources towards the same cost, the maximum aid intensity must not be exceeded or the project will become ineligible.